Caring Environment

First Lutheran School offers excellence in Christian education. Dedicated and caring teachers work with your child and promote a strong sense of community and a warm, caring, Christian environment. Small class sizes ensure that every student gets individualized attention. 

Students at First Lutheran School are well prepared for high school. In addition to providing an excellent education, the teachers at First Lutheran work to develop strong social skills and study habits in each child. Click on this link to read more about the benefits of a multigrade classroom.

Excellent Academics

Our 2016 and 2017 Report Cards show that students at First Lutheran perform at a high level across all subject areas. First Lutheran School uses NWEA MAP testing to evaluate student progress and our educational program. Our curriculum is updated annually to ensure that our students receive the best education possible.

Exemplary Accreditation

First Lutheran School was awarded exemplary school accreditation, beginning in 2014, through WELSSA and NCPSA. First Lutheran takes great pride in planning and implementing school wide improvement through this accreditation process. 

Church Family

First Lutheran School is supported by the caring and dedicated members of First Lutheran Church. Many of our school families belong to our church. First Lutheran is able to serve the whole family, not just children who are in school.

Technology Integration

First Lutheran School makes a wide use of technology in order to improve and enhance instruction. This includes Smart boards, tech books, interactive online programs, and chromebooks for grades 3-8.